L’eau De CafeOur Story

The story of Leau De Café is inspired by the cultures and traditions of Paris and was made by authentic Qatari hands by integrating French dishes with international dishes, and providing a service distinct and unique from any other service or outlets offered in the Middle East.

We at Leau De Café do not work to bring global ideas to Doha, but rather we want to start from here In the heart of Doha and show our ideas to the rest of the world.

Tawar Mall

Tawar Mall enjoys a strategic location linking the western regions of the Qatari capital, Doha, Leau De Café in Tawar Mall features a classic setting filled with the romantic atmosphere of pianists and water flowing from the fountains that overlook the restaurant ambiance, giving our location a quiet classic atmosphere.


It is the largest environmentally friendly city in the world that embraces the spirit of innovation and the development of the Qatari heritage, so we found that our next step must be in this city and this reflects the directions of Leau De Café of always supporting everything that contributes to preserving the Qatari environment, and providing for current and future generations a healthy lifestyle. This is what made us head towards Musheireb, which is in the heart of the Qatari capital, Doha.

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