Iced Latte

It’s a coffee drink made with espresso and fresh milk

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Coffee Frappe

sweet ice coffee blended with milk and espresso

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Infusion Apple Ginger

Freshly apple juice, ginger juice and a bit of mint leaves.

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Essentially a cone shaped device, often ceramic, that allows you to pour the perfect coffee straight into

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French Coffee

Roasted Coffee Beans tends to have a dark chocolate color

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Green Apple Tea

Made by infusing tea leaves with juice from green apple blend.

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Green Tea Jasmine

Made by infusing tea leaves with jassmine flower bloosoms.

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Earl Grey Tea

it’s a made from black tea and there for intended to drunk without milk.

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English Breakfast Tea

It’s a black tea blended to go well with milk and sugar.

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Arabic Coffee

A traditional beverage in Arab culture made up of Arabic Coffee, Cardamom, and Saffron

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Turkish Coffee

It’s a papular of brewing coffee

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Flat White

coffee based with the two shots of espresso and steamed milk a bit of foam.

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two shots of espresso steamed milk and a bit of foam.

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Caramel Latte

coffee based with steamed milk and caramel sauce.

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Spanish Latte

espresso based drink with textured normal milk and condense milk.

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Caffe Latte

coffee-based drink made primarily from espresso and steamed milk.

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two shot of espresso hot milk and foam

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A type of coffee drink prepared by deluting an espresss with a hot water

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Espresso Double

a full-flavored, concentrated form of coffee that is served in a “double shots”.

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Espresso Single

a full-flavored, concentrated form of coffee a served in a ” single shot”.

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