Le French Toast

Bread dipped into egg and seasonings and fried with golden brown and topped with butter. Serve with syrup and ice cream. Vanilla or Chocolate.

QR 42

Sunshine Crepe

Homely made crepe dough with smoked turkey, cheese, cream and parsley with top of fried egg. side w/ loaded bake potato

QR 45

Crepe Chocolate

Crepe with Nutella and banana with a choice of caramel or chocolate syrup

QR 35

Flavoured Croissant

Croissant topped with your choice of (zaatar- cheese – almond – chocolate)

QR 18

Plain Croissant

Plain Croissant

QR 15

Almond Filled Croissant

Croissant stuffed with almond cream

QR 28

Poached Turkey Avocado

Poached egg with avocado slice and smoked turkey , serve with wedges and salad

QR 38

American Breakfast

Sausage slices with fried egg , baked beans with grilled mushrooms and tomatoes serve with hash browne

QR 42

Our Choice Set

A selection of breakfast set from (your choice of fried eggs – fava beans – beans – labneh – olives – feta cheese – sliced vegetables – mix fruit – honey – jam – croissants – cream or yoghurt in addition to your choice of coffee, tea or orange juice)

QR 85

Scrambled Egg \ Plain Omellet

A dsih made from egg steared or beaten together in a frying pan while beaing gentle heated with salt and paper.

QR 28

Tartine Avocado Egg

Boiled eggs with tartine bread and mashed avocado served with roasted potatoes and salad

QR 38

Club Omellet Slider Sandwich

Homemade Slider Bun with Bacon and egg with cheese served with wedges and salad

QR 35

Honey Hallumi Tartine

Tartine bread with fried halloumi cheese , with avocado and nuts and honey serve with salad

QR 28

Croissant Salmon Sandwich

Freshly Backed croissant stuffed with Smoked salmon, mashed avocado and lettuce, served with Wedges And Side Salad

QR 40