Healthy Choices

Yoghart Granola Mixed Berries

Greek yogurt with a mix of granola, red, blue and black berries and strawberries

QR 40

Green Shakshuka

Scrambled egg with avocado, pistachios, walnuts and parsley

QR 38

Brocolli Quinoa Egg

Poched egg with broccoli, quinoa and smoked turkey , served with wedges

QR 45

Fitness Omellet

Egg whites cooked with spinach, mozzarella cheese, Grilled tomatoes and mushrooms served with brown bread

QR 35

Yoghart Granola

Granola with yogurt

QR 35

Salad De Fruit

Fruit salad with ice cream

QR 38

Mix Fruit Acai

Chia seeds, Acai, granola and mixed fruits

QR 35

Chia Acai

Chia seeds, Acai and granola

QR 35